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Launch of RADAR app planned begin 2021

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DBG Nautical is now Approved IGAPP Vendor!

After being vetted and approved, DBG Nautical can provide and develop apps for the GEOINT app store, see our app portfolio section


What we stand for

Six important facts about our apps

1. We develop learning apps for the interested in nautical science

2. Our apps are freely available to encourage knowledge sharing

3. Each app a subject and all together a total digital learning platform

4. Apps built on theoretical concepts added with practical tools and graphical representation

5. Nautical formulas and tables integrated into our apps simply to download on your smartphone

6. Our apps are easy to use with clear help pages showing how to use our calculators 


What We Offer

High Quality App Development for the Nautical Industry

Educational apps

Exceeding Expectations

At DBG Nautical we develop instructive apps, covering various subjects of the nautical sciences. Through our app integration, the material is immediately available from your smartphone. You always have your course in your pocket. Our digital strategy offers you more chances to succeed and to keep your knowledge up to date.


Nautical calculators

Taking the lead 

Some of our apps contain nautical calculators showing a high degree of integration and strong visual representation. We regularly receive spontaneous reactions from professional seafarers who use our apps daily during work on board. Your proposals are getting integrated to make our calculators even more powerful and better. With apps from DBG Nautical you clearly take the lead!

WIN-WIN through smart partnerships

Stronger together

DBG Nautical has some very well trained experts, of university level, with additional nautical education and experience. Our calculators require not only solid IT knowledge, but also mathematical expertise and graphical design skills. This human capital makes DBG Nautical, as a small and agile player, strong, but we realise that partnerships can quickly develop even more strength and lead to fantastic results, for participating parties. Regardless of which continent of the world you are in, our portfolio, our expertise, our IT skills, may be an added or complementary value to your project or idea. You're stronger together!


Our App Portfolio

Available Apps


International Code of Signals

IALA Maritime Buoyage System

Nautical Wind Calculator

Compass Calculator

IMO Class Dangerous Goods

Maritime Meteo Calculator

Marine Safety Signs and Symbols

International Port Traffic Signals

Marine Tidal Calculator

Nautical Navigation Calculator

Marine Pipe Markers

Astro Calculator


This powerful Astro Calculator is a professional and strategic tool allowing you to determine a vessel's position (FIX) based on celestial observations. The app,  with 2 main sections and a Theory part, uses a modern approach to celestial navigation.



This app is all about identification of pipes and pipes medium on board of ships following the ISO 14726:2008 Standard.


Rated 4.63

This app is your companion for all your chart work: it covers basic chart plotting problems, rhumb line calculations and great circle calculations


Rated 4.48

This tidal calculator app is all about the vertical and horizontal movement of the water. Designed and optimized as a companion for the Admiralty Tide Tables, but also for other publications


Rated 4.08

This app helps you understanding International Port Traffic Signals (IPTS) used to control traffic movements in ports and port approaches


Rated 4.80

With this Marine Safety Signs app you will quickly learn and understand the meaning of many safety signs and symbols which are used extensively on board of ships


Rated 4.42

With this meteo calculator, you get some handy calculators all in one app, directly usable on board of your ship


Rated 4.66

This app is all about the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG), and how these goods must be safely stowed and transported on board of a ship


Rated 4.61

This learning and free compass app explains everything you need to know about compasses, magnetic and gyro types


Rated 4.66

Based on ship's data (heading and speed over ground), this nautical wind calculator returns true and apparent wind (speed and direction)

GAS Logo.jpg

Rated 4.25

 IALA Maritime Buoyage System application was designed for students to learn and self-test their knowledge on the IALA buoyage system


Rated 4.74

This is an app designed for learning and testing knowledge on ICS flags and associated messages


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What our customers say...

Good day,
It is so helpful to train my student cadets with your unique educational applications. I'm happy in sharing thanks from my students and my personal regards to your efforts.

Captain RayaR S.

All apps of DBG nautical are awesome and worth downloading. Application with theory description. Thanks for the app

Amit T.

Great applications. 

Please keep I coming.

 I am available as support when need some testing and confirmations.

Surveyor Luis C.

Let me start by saying that your apps are indispensable to the modern navigator.  I am a US Merchant Mariner and use several of your apps on a daily basis a countless number of times.  Thank you for the great work you do.
Best Regards,

USCG Licensed Third Mate Victor D.

Great apps can help a lot on a routine work on board. All details are included regarding wind up to plotting them with photos of Sea condition from The mariners Handbook. Instead of cross referencing your observation into other pubs. Here you have all in one with a tap of fingertips.

Paolo D.

I am very thankful on the app. that you made. It helps a lot to me as navigator... You truly nailed it, amazing mobile app.

Looking forward you will make another app for the navigator or officer onboard...🤗


Best wishes and more success! 


Respectfully yours,

Ranie Q.


Let us know what you think about our apps!


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